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It’s very late, and I’ve been working my very pretty little bum off making some psychedelic visuals for comics that some of you will be reading very shortly. I can’t show any yet, and this upsets me. Do you hear that dripping noise? It’s not my leaky tap, it’s the tears I’m crying into my bedtime tea because I can’t show you what I’ve been doing all day.
So instead, I’m showing you a cover I drew for a Masters Of The Universe comic that is to be published in October by DC Comics! The full title is Masters Of The Universe: The Origin Of Skeletor, and it is written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, with interior art also by moi.
I still have the original MOTU toys from my childhood, and I wonder if I could talk to my youthful self via a Time-Phone what little Fraze would say if I told him one day he would be drawing that stuff professionally. He’d probably shit himself as this older yet more dashing version of himself appeared out of nowhere and started shouting at him, so it’s probably best there isn’t a Time-Phone yet, as I wouldn’t want to have suffered such a trauma.
Now I must bed. Early rise and more cosmicness needs to be done. I’m on a deadline here!
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